Who we are

Five generations in step with the times


Back to where it all began

A hundred years of history and tradition born in the Po Valley, more precisely in the north of Modena, between the small hamlets of Gargallo di Carpi and Ganaceto di Modena. 

Our father Giuseppe, who grew up in a farmer family, loved to joke about his origins by saying: 

Me? I was born in a barrel!” 

He had a point. His most fermenting passion, handed down by his father Ugo, has always been the production of Lambrusco, to which he decided to dedicate his life with meticulous attention.

Thanks to his mother, he also cultivated a passion for the production of balsamic vinegar. From the first batteries of the 50s of Grandma Maria, this art that was originally born for a family production and consumption, started to pass on in the family and, in the 80s, our father Giuseppe opened the business to the public. Currently we have over 200 barrels in use in acetaia (the place where balsamic vinegar is made).

The strong link with our origins is the reason why, although in 2011 we decided to move most of the production area, the vineyards of the Lambrusco di Sorbara are still in the same place where our great-grandfather once planted the first vines and we kept cultivating the same type of wine with passion and attention.

In the last 15 years we have continued to experiment with this Lambrusco, the Sorbara, and we also decided to invest in other vineyards of our area because we strongly believe in the great potential of this very ancient grape.

From grandmother Maria’s first barrels in the 1950s, this art, which was born for family consumption, was passed on through the family and, in the 1980s, our father Giuseppe decided to start expanding production in order to sell it to an ever wider public. We currently have over 200 barrels in use at the acetaia (the place where balsamic vinegar is made).

Bottega Fiorini

For us, it is the place to travel through the scents and flavors of our culture

The Bottega Fiorini renovation project

In December 2019, me, Cristina, and my brother Alberto, inaugurated Bottega Fiorini. Our dream was to give a new life to this space that has always been the starting point for our family and wine history. We wanted to transmit tradition through the senses, in an experience open to everybody.

When you experience something new, special and unique, it is important to know what you are tasting, touching, experiencing.

To convey the harmony of our family, we couldn’t think of any better way than creating conviviality around the same table from which, for generations, our wines, vinegars and products were honored.

This was the impetus that motivated us to offer all-round on-site experiences such as visits to the vinegar cellar, pasta cooking classes and wine and Balsamic Vinegar of Modena D.O.P. tastings, in order to make our history known to an ever wider public through our local products.

We could never have imagined finding ourselves, just four years later, having to cope with the numerous requests from those who, passing through the Bottega, wished to continue the experience from their own homes, bringing the flavors of Modena to new tables all over the world.

It was with pride and joy that we embraced this evolution, building up a strategy that could allow us to accommodate the growing requests, while maintaining a familiar and welcoming atmosphere in the Bottega, typical of a true Modenese family.

We believe in the ability of this online virtual space to create new bridges and in the uniqueness of Bottega Fiorini as a place where you can travel among the scents and flavors of our culture.

Being organic is a matter of respect

For us, born in the countryside among vineyards and farmlands, the respect for nature is as simple as making the bed in the morning.

Since the 2019 harvest, we have obtained ICEA organic certification for both the vineyard and the winery. Working organically means using the natural fertility of the soil, and by doing so allowing the soil to determine the uniqueness of each grape harvested, developing unparalleled vinegars and wines. We preserve the biodiversity of the environment and the wholesomeness of the raw material.

Our interventions are limited and the vineyards are free of any synthetic chemical pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or insecticides. Even in wine processing, thanks to experience, we have finalized new strategies aimed at drastically reducing the use of sulfur dioxide. In the Bottega you will find wines, vinegars, local cuisine and warm smiles.

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